Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'll have three of those!

I once lost my engagement ring. My husband had given it to me only three weeks before hand and I took it off whilst we were eating fish and chips in the park. Silly decision because we left without it. Panic ensued once I realised and I don't know how but it was lying on the grass when we returned. I was being looked after!

I think of this whenever we get multiple orders of products. Often we sell 2 or sometimes 3 of our dolls, squeakers or monkeys. Just in case. The customers are experienced parents or grandparents who know what a disaster it can be when a toy needs a wash or when the loved toy is left at a friends, on a bench or in dad's car. Our toys are beautiful and often have limited quantities manufactured so if you have a special toy that goes everywhere, buy 2 and pop one away. You might be glad you did!

I am glad that we found the ring. Didn't like my chances of having it replaced!

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